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Vedic Art Painting & Wilderness Retreats

Find the artist inside of you with Vedic Art and enjoy the silence of the wilderness. Vedic Art is for everyone - no painting skills needed! You will learn the basics in 2 days (15 hours). If you want to go deeper into the process then a longer stay is recommended. This program is great to experience with friends and it can also be a nice hideaway for couples who want to try something new together.

For groups, minimum of 2 persons, minimum of 2 days: 7,5 hours of painting, 3 meals per day, sauna in the evening. 360€ per person/2 days.

More about Vedic Art: www.vedicart.com

Please contact: Vedic Art teacher Marja Köngäs, marja@aakenuspirtti.fi, +358 40 71 88 201